“Welcome to Fairview United Methodist Church.”

At Fairview, we are many generations – different ages and different life experiences – but each of us on a unique journey and on a different step of that journey.

Fairview Christmas

Looking for something more?

At Christmas time our senses are bombarded! There is something to titillate the eyes, the ears, the nose, the touch, and definitely the taste! But, what are we really looking for? What REALLY satisfies? God has given us the perfect gift and we invite you to Fairview and experience the true meaning of Christmas. It won’t increase your waist size or crash your credit cards BUT it will satisfy! So…what are you looking for? And, what are you waiting for? Join us this season at Fairview. There’s something just for YOU!

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Fairview News


Resurrection is an awesome annual event of worship and spiritual growth for youth and youth mentors.


My heart is full as I begin getting to know and work with your children and families. God is at work!


How often do we miss what we are looking for because it doesn’t look like…


This week, we take time to enjoy family and friends and remember that as a…