BaptismWater baptism identifies a person as a disciple of Jesus and celebrates passage from an old life to a new one with Christ. Simply stated, it is an outward sign of an inward change.

At Fairview, you can be baptized by water in several ways. One is the sprinkling of water, a second is pouring during a worship service, and the third is immersion. Many times the immersions take place in the mountains and even sometimes in a nearby pool. Immersion baptisms depend on the schedules of the family, the church and the pastor.

Children are baptized with the parents, usually a few months after birth. When they are baptized they are recognized as a member of the household of faith until that time when they can decide for themselves. Fusion, a year-long confirmation class for 6th graders, teaches the children about the church and Jesus. At the conclusion of the class, they are asked if they want to join Fairview. If they do and have already been baptized, we do not rebaptize as we believe in one baptism. However, if a child or an adult wants to “reaffirm” their baptism we can do that. We accept baptisms from other denominations.

Youth and adults desiring to be baptized for the first time must schedule a conversation with the pastor to discuss their decision. Children, younger than 6th grade, will be encouraged to attend the Fusion Class.

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