*Please refer to the registration form for updates on which classes are filled. If you are unable to be flexible with dates or classes available, we ask that you still complete the form and in the comments section, ask to be put on a waiting list. We would like to be able let you know when there is availability. *


Welcome to The Learning Tree! Please complete the following steps to register for the 2021-22 school year. 


1-Read the 2021-22 Parent Handbook below. 


2- Complete the online registration form. 

(if you are signing a child up that is slightly below the 2 year old cutoff date, please comment “younger twos” after you enter their age on the form)


3- Sign and return the release form. Please check all boxes email it to with your child’s name in the subject. 


4- Pay the $50 registration fee (add $25 for each additional child) through the Pushpay App and send your receipt to so that we may confirm your registration. Directions for this are as follows:  

a. Download the Pushpay app

b. Create a login and search for "Learning Tree Preschool" in Maryville. 

c.  Push “Give” and then “Give One Time” 

d. Under “Fund”, scroll down to make your donation to “LTP Registration”. 



We are excited to have you as part of The Learning Tree for the Fall 2021. We will confirm registration next week if not before.  Please note that all 4 steps must be completed before you are fully registered.

Please email any questions you may have to

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