Singles & Couples Classes

Cracked Pots: Ages 40+, meets in room B-220

Based on the verse from Jeremiah 18—We are broken vessels in search of God’s healing through short-term Bible studies and Christian fellowship. Focus is group-centered, life-applicable discussions. All are welcomed, cracked or not!

Contact: Scott Goodson 380-9951

Gladius: All Ages, meets in room A-203

This class focuses on a chapter by chapter study of the entire Bible. No previous Bible study is required. The class is open to all ages and backgrounds. The study is not chronological so join at any time!

Contact: Carla Woodard  414-1651

The Journey: Ages 18-99, meets on Remedy Campus

Meets on Remedy Campus—Studies through the Bible a book at a time. 

Contact: Craig Dutton, 865-983-2732

Lamplighters: Ages 40+, meets in room A-210

The class is primarily comprised of parents with college and/or empty-nester children. The class emphasizes and encourages discussions pertaining to the study of Scripture.

Contact: Mark Ross 984-4199

The Living Room: All Ages, meets in the Choir Room

Teachers rotate. This group studies the Scripture. The name is derived from wanting all who come into the class to feel totally “at home”

Contact:  Linda Hickman 982-0578

Makarios: Ages 40+, meets in room A-217

We are an informal class focusing on Scripture study as a tool for our growth in faith.

Contact: Connie Evans 681-7913

New Creations: Ages 35-60+, meets in room A-208

People from all walks of life, come together on Sunday mornings for relevant, timely study of the Bible. The class is also involved in missions, local ministries and social events.

Contacts: Barbara Plisko, 379-8220

The Noticers: Ages 20s-40s, meets in room A-207

This class is primarily comprised of couples with young children. As our class names states, we seek to gain a new perspective, understanding the Bible and those around us through a variety of group studies.

Contact:  Hamilton Borden, 603-4687

Odd Couples: Ages 40s-60s, meets in room A-209

We are a very caring, outgoing, and involved class. We enjoy healthy discussion of the Bible and welcome new members as if they have always been part of the class. 

Contact: Sue Hall 981-3284

Seekers: All Ages, meets in room A-206

Primarily comprised of married couples, the class seeks God’s truth through the study of Scripture. The group also participates in various outreach projects and social events.

Contact: Dave Thomas 977-0200

Sojourners: Ages 35+, meets in room B-209

This class does a variety of studies.  Currently they are studying the Book of Romans. 

Contacts: Mary Kathryn Cockrill 385-3185 or Carol Bridgman 681-8101

Sparkplug Class: Ages 60+, meets in room B-221

We are about life and learning, a joyful, grateful bunch of folks who love God and each other!  We are known for the support and encouragement that we share.

Contact: Tom Howard 983-7190

Topical Class: Ages 60-70s, meets in room B-211

Our class is a mix of ages and backgrounds who come together to grow in the Lord, to support one another and to reach out to others with love and concern.

Contact: Ole Olson 724-3616

Wesley Spares and Pairs: Ages 50-80+, meets in room A-120

We provide fellowship, discipleship and Bible Study. 

Contacts: Bob Landers 983-3880, Norman Love 982-5903 or Marleitta Cooper 406-7663

Marion Nation, 233-0180


(865) 983-2080


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